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Lateral Silicide Growth

  • L. R. Zheng (a1), E. Zingu (a1) and J. W. Mayer (a1)


Silicide formation and growth kinetics have been investigated with lateral diffusion couples formed by deposition of Ni and Cr layers on patterned Si substrates and by deposition of Ni patterns on Si films. For annealing temperatures between 520 and 650°C the growth of CrSi2follows a (time)½ dependence with an activation energy of 1.4± 0.1 eV. In Ni-silicide formation at temperatures below 600°C, Ni was the predominant moving species. As the temperature increased, the motion of Si became significant. The apparent activation energy for silicide formation varied from Ea ≅ 1.4 eV for Ni motion at relatively low temperatures to Ea≅ 2.3 eV for Si motion that occurs at high temperatures. Lateral diffusion in device geometry structures resulted in degradation of contact planarity due to the penetration of metal silicides in Ni-Si structures or the erosion of silicon in Cr-Si structures.



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Lateral Silicide Growth

  • L. R. Zheng (a1), E. Zingu (a1) and J. W. Mayer (a1)


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