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Lateral grain growth in poly-Si films by gas flame high temperature annealing

  • W. F. Qu (a1), A. Kitagawa (a1), Y. Masaki (a1) and M. Suzuki (a1)


Poly-Si films with the preferential orientation to a random, a (100) and a (110) texture were annealed using a flat gas flame. Remarkable lateral grain growth of (111) grains was observed for poly-Si films with a random and a (110) texture, while in (100) texture films the growth of (100) grains predominated over other grains. There existed tensile stress in as-prepared films. Grains with different orientation were under a different tensile stresses, and such stress distributions on the orientation of grains were different for different textures. The tensile stress was found to become larger in grown grains after high temperature annealing, while the stress on shrunken grains decreased or turned to compressive stress after annealing. These results indicate that strain energy stored in grains is one of the important driving forces in secondary grain growth.



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Lateral grain growth in poly-Si films by gas flame high temperature annealing

  • W. F. Qu (a1), A. Kitagawa (a1), Y. Masaki (a1) and M. Suzuki (a1)


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