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Laser-Assisted Etching of Lithium Niobate

  • Glennis J. Orloff (a1), Steven L. Bernasek (a1), Gary L. Wolk (a2) and R. J. Coyle (a2)


Laser-assisted dry etching of lithium niobate, LiNbO3, as well as other electro-optic materials could be an industrially important process in the fabrication of optical waveguides. In this investigation, an excimer laser (ArF; 193nm) was used to conduct etching reactions using nitrogen trifluoride, NF3. Enhancement of etching was observed by comparing the etch rate for a gas assisted process with that of a purely photoablative process. Chemical analysis of the etched features via Auger electron spectroscopy and correlation of a simple rate equation with the experimental data revealed that lasersurface interactions are responsible for the laser-assisted etching process.



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Laser-Assisted Etching of Lithium Niobate

  • Glennis J. Orloff (a1), Steven L. Bernasek (a1), Gary L. Wolk (a2) and R. J. Coyle (a2)


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