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Laser Surface Modification for Copper Deposition on Polyimide

  • Y.S. Liu (a1) and H.S. Cole (a1)


Selective modification of surface reactivities with lasers, using either direct writing or projection method, is intrinsically a sensitive method to prepare a surface for highresolution and high-speed area selective thin film deposition. In this paper, we demonstrated the use of laser direct-writing and projection patterning techniques for selective modification of the electrochemical property of a polyimide surface. High quality and highresolution copper patterns on polyimide surfaces are produced when the surface-modified sample is subsequently placed in an electroless plating solution. These results demonstrated that the use of laser-selective-modification of surface properties in conjunction with other batch thin film deposition processes provides an attractive approach for area-selective metallization for a variety of applications in which high writing speed and high sensitivity are required.



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