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Laser Patterning and Electrical Properties of Submicron Lines of Y-Ba-Cu-O

  • J. P Zheng (a1), Q. Y. Ying (a1), H. S. Kim (a1), D. Bhattacharya (a1), D. T. Shaw (a1) and H.S. Kwok (a1)...


0.6 µm-wide lines of high Tc Y-Ba-Cu-O have been fabricated by direct laser writing on mirror-like thin films which were grown by laser deposition without post annealing. Laser ablation etching had no effect on the Tc and Jc until the lines were < 1µm wide. The 0.6 µm-wide strip showed some degradation of Tc and Jc. The critical current densities for these patterned lines were measured to be ∼5×106 A/cm2 at 50 K.



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Laser Patterning and Electrical Properties of Submicron Lines of Y-Ba-Cu-O

  • J. P Zheng (a1), Q. Y. Ying (a1), H. S. Kim (a1), D. Bhattacharya (a1), D. T. Shaw (a1) and H.S. Kwok (a1)...


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