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Laser Irradiation of InSb:Ge Thin Films

  • K. A. Rubin (a1), C. Ortiz (a1), J. Solis (a2) and K. Roche (a1)


The effect of 647nm Kr-ion laser and 514.5 nm Ar-ion irradiation on 1 and 7 μm diameter regions, respectively, of (In43Sb57)87 Ge13 thin alloy films was determined. Laser irradiation times of 50ns - 20μs produce different reflectivity states. An amorphous state of increased reflectivity with respect to the as-deposited amorphous state was produced only with the smaller beam after short pulse (∼100ns to ∼500ns) laser irradiation. Slightly longer pulses caused formation of surface corrugations. The corrugation morphology occurred in the nanosecond regime both in air and vacuum. Further laser annealing caused crystallization and decreased reflectivity. The crystallization microstructures were random cellular for the irradiation in air. Irradiation in vacuum produced three, distinct concentric structures.



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Laser Irradiation of InSb:Ge Thin Films

  • K. A. Rubin (a1), C. Ortiz (a1), J. Solis (a2) and K. Roche (a1)


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