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Laser Induced Oxidation of Heavily Doped Silicon*

  • E. Fogarassy (a1), C.W. White (a2), D.H. Lowndes (a2) and J. Narayan (a2)


We have investigated the incorporation of oxygen into heavily doped silicon during UV excimer laser irradiation. For the case of repetitive laser irradiations in air, we observe that the amount of oxygen incorporated into Si depends markedly on the dopant. For As and Sb implanted silicon, there is no anomalous oxygen incorporation. By contrast, increasing amounts of 0 are incorporated into In implanted silicon as a function of number of laser shots. The incorporation of 0 is associated with degradation of the optical and structural properties of the surface, and a deep diffusion of the dopant. This behavior is believed to be partly related to specific chemical reactions between oxygen and indium present in the surface at high concentrations as the result of dopant segregation during solidification.



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Research sponsored by the Division of Materials Sciences, USDOE under contract DE-ACO5-840R21400 with Martin Marietta Energy Systems, Inc.



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