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Laser Flash Analysis Determination of the Thermal Diffusivity of Si/SiGe Superlattices

  • Anthony L. Davidson (a1), James P. Thomas (a1), Terrance Worchesky (a2), Mark E. Twigg (a1) and Phillip E. Thompson (a2)...


Applications that produce a large amount of heat, such as combustion engines, can benefit from high temperature thermoelectrics to reduce the amount of energy lost. Superlattice (SL) structures have shown reduced thermal conductivity at room temperature and below, suggesting applicability at high temperatures may be possible. This reduction could greatly increase the thermoelectric figure of merit. The Si/SiGe material system is studied here for high temperature application. Two growth temperatures of 300 C and 500 C are examined. Two superlattice periods were studied (8 nm and 20 nm) to determine the effects of lattice spacing on thermal conductivity. Laser Flash Analysis is applied to determine the thermal diffusivity, hence thermal conductivity, from 100 C to 500 C. Thermal diffusivity was found to be an order of magnitude lower than the constituent alloy at 100 C. Superlattice spacing and growth temperature showed little effect on the diffusivity within the error of this measurement.



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