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Laser Direct Write Technologies as Tools for Gate-Array Development* *

  • D. J. Silversmith (a1), D. J. Ehrlich (a1), J. Y. Tsao (a1), R. W. Mountain (a1) and J. H. C. Sedlacek (a1)...


Using CMOS, poly-Si gate, single-level metal, gate-array chips, techniques have been developed to reconfigure the interconnect metallization on individual circuits without degradation of device or circuit performance. These techniques involve a laser-assisted capillary wet-etch process for highly selective removal of Al-alloy interconnects and laser CVD of doped poly-Si links. This technique may be useful for prototyping, testing and optimization of gate-array and standard-cell designs and layouts.



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This work was sponsored by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, by the Department of the Air Force, in part under a specific program supported by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, and by the Army Research Office.



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