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Laser Deposition, Vibrational Spectroscopy, NMR Spectroscopy and Stm Imaging of C60 and C70

  • G. Meijer (a1), D. S. Bethune (a2), W. C. Tang (a1), H. J. Rosen (a1), R. D. Johnson (a1), R. J. Wilson (a1), D. D. Chambliss (a1), W. G. Golden (a1), H. Seki (a1), M. S. De Vries (a1), C. A. Brown (a1), J. R. Salem (a1), H. E. Hunziker (a1) and H. R. Wendt (a1)...


We recently demonstrated that C60 and C70, as well as other fullerenes, can be deposited and accumulated on surfaces using laser ablation of graphite in an Inert gas atmosphere. After learning of the work of Krätschmer et al. indicating the presence of C60 in carbon soot, we showed that samples consisting almost exclusively of C60 and C70 can be sublimed from such soot. Vibrational Raman spectra of C60 and C70 were obtained from these samples. The C60 spectrum Is consistent with the calculated spectrum of Buckmlnsterfullerene, and the strongest three lines can be assigned on the basis of frequency and polarization. The NMR spectrum of dissolved C60 was then obtained, and found to consist of a single resonance, establishing the icosahedral symmetry of this molecule. STM images of the C60 molecules on a Au(111) crystal face show that these clusters form hexagonal arrays with an intercluster spacing of 11.0 Å and are mobile at ambient temperature. Distinctly taller species evident in the arrays are believed to be C70 clusters. Vibrational Raman and infrared spectra have also been obtained for separated C60 and C70 .



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