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Large In-Plane Lattice Expansion in NiAs-MnSb Thin Films Induced by ns Laser Recrystallization

  • Yukiko Kubota (a1) (a2), Grace L. Gorman (a1) and Ernesto E. Marinero (a1)


Sputter deposited MnSb thin films were annealed utilizing KrF excimer laser pulses (16ns), and the resulting structural and magnetic changes investigated. These changes are compared to those observed when the samples are subjected to isothermal and rapid thermal annealing treatments. Isothermal and rapid thermal annealing induce significant lateral grain growth, whereas the laser treatment produces vertical grain size refinement with no appreciable lateral growth. Annealing is shown to increase the hexagonal c-axis, reaching an expansion value of 7% for the laser annealed samples. This c-axis expansion has a strong influence on the magnetic properties of the thin films. Mechanisms for the c-axis expansion are discussed.



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