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Large area Pulsed Laser Deposition of Aurivillius-Type Layered Perovskite Thin Films

  • A. Pignolet (a1), C. Curran (a1), S. Welke (a1), S. Senz (a1), M. Alexe (a1), D. Hesse (a1) and U. Gösele (a1)...


Thin films of Aurivillius-type layered perovskites of Bi4Ti3O12 and SrBi2Ta2O9 have been epitaxially deposited by pulsed laser deposition (PLD) on SrTiO3 single crystal substrates. Bi4 Ti3O12 has been deposited as well on a CeO2JYSZ/Si(100) buffer layer, and on Pt-coated oxidized silicon for electrical measurements. Using a new technique for large area PLD, Bi4Ti3O12 has also been deposited on a whole (100)-oriented 3”- Si wafer. The obtained films have a uniform thickness over a diameter greater than 50 mm, corresponding to an area of about 20 cm2. It is likely that homogeneous deposition on entire wafers of 3-inch in diameter will be accomplished in the near future. The composition, structure, and electrical properties of the films are presented.



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