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Large Area Graphene on Polymer Films for Transparent and Flexible Field Emission Device

  • Ved Prakash Verma (a1), Santanu Das (a1), Indranil Lahiri (a1) and WonBong Choi (a1)


Large scale fabrication of graphene over transparent flexible polymer, Polyethelyne tetrapthalate (PET), and its application in flexible field emission display is reported here. We used Cu foil (~160 mm x 60 mm) to grow graphene by thermal chemical vapor deposition process and transfer the graphene over a polymer using a straightforward hot press lamination technique. The fabrication method is facile as there is no rigorous chemical process involved and the process is also applicable towards the fabrication of large scale graphene over a wide range of transparent flexible substrates for foldable micro-electronics applications. Further, we demonstrate the application of graphene/PET polymer film as anode of transparent flexible field emission display device. The device shows low turn-on voltage ~ 1.75V/μm and high current density of ~ 65μA/cm2 with field enhancement factor (β) ~1000.



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