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Label-free Electrochemical Biosensor Based on Graphene/Ionic Liquid Nanocomposite for the Detection of Organophosphate Pesticides

  • Tae Jung Park (a1), MinHo Yang (a2), Bong Gill Choi (a2), Nam Su Heo (a1), Seok Jae Lee (a3), Won Hi Hong (a2) and Sang Yup Lee (a1) (a2) (a4)...


The advanced electrodes for detecting organophosphate pesticides were prepared by modification of the gold (Au) electrode with the reduced graphene oxide/ionic liquid (RGO/IL) nanohybrids. Due to the cationic and anionic parts, the ILs on RGO sheets provide the amount of functional groups for dispersion of hybrids and immobilization of organophosphorus hydrolase (OPH) enzymes. After the immobilization of OPH on the RGO/IL-modified Au electrodes, the modified electrodes represent faster electron transfer than that of Au electrode, resulting in high performance of biosensor with response time (~ 10 s) and sensitivity (4.56 nA μM−1). In addition, the OPH/RGO/IL-modified Au electrode displayed good stability and reproducibility.



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