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Key Role of Aspect Ratio in Optimising Local Surface Plasmon Sensitivities of Solution Phase Triangular Silver Nanoplates

  • Denise E. Charles (a1), Damian Aherne (a2), Deirdre M. Ledwith (a3), Yurii K Gun'ko (a4), John M Kelly (a5), Werner J Blau (a6) and Margaret E Brennan-Fournet (a7)...


Solution phase triangular silver nanoplate (TSNP) ensembles are herein presented as tunable, highly sensitive, LSPR sensors with excellent potential for versatile amply responsive biosensing applications. The recorded LSPR refractive index sensitivities for the highest aspect ratio TSNPs examined are amongst the highest reported to date for various other nanostructures. Calculations demonstrate that sensitivities of the TSNP sols, as high as the theoretical upper limit, are achievable by tuning the aspect ratio parameter, without any significant diminution observed due to ensemble averaging. Theoretical studies identify the aspect ratio of the nanoplates as a key parameter in controlling the LSPR sensitivity of the TSNPs.



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