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Is Superplasticity in the Future of Nanophase Materials?

  • R. W. Siegel (a1)


The ultrafine grain sizes and high diffusivities in nanophase materials assembled from atomic clusters suggest that these materials may have a strong tendency toward superplastic mechanical behavior. Both small grain size and enhanced diffusivity can be expected to lead to increased diffusional creep rates as well as to a significantly greater propensity for grain boundary sliding. Recent mechanical properties measurements at room temperature on nanophase Cu, Pd, and TiO2, however, give no indications of superplasticity. Nonetheless, significant ductility has been clearly demonstrated in these studies of both nanophase ceramics and metals. The synthesis of cluster-assembled nanophase materials is described and the salient features of what is known of their structure and mechanical properties is reviewed. Finally, the answer to the question posed in the title is addressed.



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Is Superplasticity in the Future of Nanophase Materials?

  • R. W. Siegel (a1)


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