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Ir Laser-Induced Deposition of Silicon Thin Films

  • T. R. Gattuso (a1), M. Meunier (a1), D. Adler (a1) and J. S. Haggerty (a1)


The deposition of a-Si:H by means of CO2 laser-induced pyrolysis of silane gas is described. Deposition rates were found to increase with increasing silane flow rate, reactor pressure, laser power and substrate temperature. Spin density decreased and both optical gap, and hydrogen content increased with decreasing substrate temperature. Electrical conductivities are reported.



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Ir Laser-Induced Deposition of Silicon Thin Films

  • T. R. Gattuso (a1), M. Meunier (a1), D. Adler (a1) and J. S. Haggerty (a1)


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