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Ionized Cluster Beam Epitaxy of Single Crystal Metal Films on Semiconductors and Insulators

  • I. Yamada (a1), L. L. Levenson (a1), H. Usui (a1) and T. Takagi (a1)


Our experiments show that ionized cluster beams (ICB) can form epitaxial Al films on Si(111) and Si(100) substrates. This is unique because the lattice misfit of this material combination is more than 25%. Al can also be epitaxially grown on CaF2 films deposited on Si substrates. The initial stage of the film formation is measured by in-situ electron diffraction. In the case of Al(111) growth on Si(111) and CaF2, growth of mixed layers of different epitaxial islands of approximately 20–50 Angstrom thickness on the substrate surface is observed. With increase of thickness, the film shows the single crystal state with a flat surface, which indicates the epitaxial single crystal film formation on CaF2 or on Si substrates. It should be noted that in the Al/CaF2/Si (MIS) structure, the epitaxial CaF2 is a good insulating layer, which can be used to prepare three dimensional devices. These results show that the kinetic energy and the ionic charge of cluster ions have much influence on surface and interface modification, and that ICB is capable of producing films of good quality at low substrate temperatures.



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