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Ionic Conductivities of Doped CeO2 Thin Films as Related to Their Microstructure

  • Chunyan Tian (a1) and Siu-Wai Chan (a1)


Thin films of 4% Y2O3 doped CeO2/Pd film/(001)LaA103 with a very low pinhole density were successfully prepared using electron-beam deposition technique. The microstructure of the films was characterized by x-ray diffraction and the electrical properties were studied as a function of temperature with AC impedance spectroscopy. A brick layer model was adopted to correlate the electrical properties to the microstructure of the films, which can be simplified as either a series or a parallel equivalent circuit associated with either a fine grain or a columnar grain structure, respectively. The conductivities of the films fell between the conductivities derived from the two circuit models, suggesting that the films are of a mixed fine grain and columnar grain structure. The measured dielectric constants of the films were found smaller than that of the bulk.



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