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Ion-Beam-Induced Modifications of Thin Films: Growth Simulations

  • Karl-Heinz Müller (a1)


If the thermal adatom mobility is limited during film growth, the kinetic energy delivered to the film surface by arriving species is the key parameter which determines the resulting film microstructure and properties. Kinetic models and growth simulations of nonequilibrium film growth have been used to study the influence of incident kinetic energy of adatoms and energetic ions on the film microstructure, microporosity, density, stoichiometry and epitaxy. Deposition processes like vapor, sputter, ion-assisted and ionized cluster beam deposition, could be examined in detail with particular emphasis on optical coatings. The theoretical descriptions used are based on the solid-gas, thermal spike, collision cascade and molecular dynamics model.



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Ion-Beam-Induced Modifications of Thin Films: Growth Simulations

  • Karl-Heinz Müller (a1)


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