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Ion Implantation in InSb Grown on GaAs

  • M. V. Rao (a1), R. Echard (a1), P. E. Thompson (a1), A. K. Berry (a1), S. Mulpuri (a2) and F. G. Moore (a3)...


Be, S, Si, and Ne implantations were performed at room temperature into InSb layers grown on undoped semi-insulating GaAs substrates. The implant damage in InSb is of ntype behavior. The implanted material was subjected to both isochronal and isothermal annealing schemes using a molybdenum strip heater. A maximum p-type activation of 90 % and si-type activation of 16 % was achieved for Be and S implants, respectively. Si implant has an amphoteric doping behavior.



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