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Ion Beam Irradiation Induced Structural Modifications in Iron Phosphate Glasses: A Model System for Understanding Radiation Damage in Nuclear Waste Glasses

  • Amy S. Gandy (a1), Martin C. Stennett (a1), Clive Brigden (a1) and Neil C. Hyatt (a1)


Fe K-edge X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS) was applied to study the structural response of iron phosphate glasses to atomic displacements arising from ion beam irradiation, as an analogue of α-recoil damage arising from actinide immobilization. Analysis of XAS spectra demonstrated reduction of Fe3+ to Fe2+ as a consequence of 2 MeV Kr+ and 2 MeV Au+ implantation to a fluence of 2 x 1016 ions / cm2 and 5 x 1015 ions / cm2, respectively.



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