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Iodine Immobilization by Sodalite Waste Form

  • T. Nakazawa (a1), H. Kato (a1), K. Okada (a1), S. Ueta (a2) and M. Mihara (a3)...


Leachabilities and solubilities of the synthesized iodide sodalite and natural (chloride) sodalite were measured by leach test. The iodide sodalite was synthesized in nitrogen gas flow at 800°C for 2 hours. The crystalline structure of the product was certified by XRD analysis. The natural sodalite containing chlorine was obtained at Bancroft, Canada. The several types of solution were used to evaluate the influence of the solubility of sodalite that included the varied pH and the chemical compositions. The solubilities of chloride sodalite were calculated by the thermodynamics data. The solubility measured for the synthesized iodide sodalite was compared with that calculated. The solubility of the synthesized iodide sodalite was approximately 2 x 10-4 mol/L, which shows a good agreement with the calculated one of the natural sodalite.



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