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Investigations of Low-Temperature Epitaxy, Ion Damage, and Reactive-Ion Cleaning Utilizing Ion Beam Deposition

  • B. R. Appleton (a1), R. A. Zuhr (a1), T. S. Noggle (a1), N. Herbots (a1) and S. J. Pennycook (a1)...


The technique of ion beam deposition (IBD) is utilized to investigate low-energy, ion-induced damage on Si and Ge; to study reactive ion cleaning of Si and Ge; to fabricate amorphous isotopic heterostructures; and to fabricate and study the low-temperature epitaxial deposition of 74Ge on Ge(100), 30Si on Si(100), and 74Ge on Si(100). The techniques of ion scattering/channeling and cross-sectional TEM are combined to characterize the deposits.



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