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Investigation of the Transport Mechanism in Doped La-Based Manganite Thin Films by Traveling Wave Method

  • L. Wang (a1), S. Huang (a1), J. Yin (a1), X. Huang (a1), J. Xu (a1), Z. Liu (a1) and K. Chen (a1)...


The traveling wave (TW) method has been utilized to investigate the transport mechanism in paramagnetic-insulator state of La0.75Sr0.11Ca0.14MnO3 films. The drift mobility of the films increased from 2.5 × 10−2 cm2/Vs at 310 K to about 9.2 × 10−2 cm2/Vs at 400 K. The Arrhenius behaviors of the conductivity and drift mobility indicate that the transport process in manganites above the Curie temperature is dominated by the thermally assisted hopping of small polarons.



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