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Investigation of the thermoelectric properties of the PbTe-SrTe system

  • Kanishka Biswas (a1), Jiaqing He (a2), Qichun Zhang (a3), Guoyu Wang (a4), Ctirad Uher (a5), Vinayak P Dravid (a6) and Mercouri Kanatzidis (a7)...


PbTe-based materials are promising for efficient heat energy to electricity conversion. We present studies of the thermoelectric properties of the PbTe-SrTe system. X-ray diffraction patterns reveal that all the samples crystallize in the rock salt structure without noticeable secondary phase. Na2Te doping of the PbTe-SrTe materials resulting in a positive sign Hall coefficient indicating p-type conduction. Lattice thermal conductivity is significantly decreased with the insertion of SrTe in PbTe lattice. The ZT ∼ 1.3 of these materials is derived from their very low thermal conductivities and reasonably high power factor at 800 K.



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