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Investigation of Lead Iodide Crystals for Use as High Energy Solid State Radiation Detectors

  • Dominique C. David (a1), R. B. James (a1), H. Feemster (a1), R. Anderson (a1), A. J. Antolak (a1), D.H. Morse (a1), A. E. Pontau (a1), H. Jayatirtha (a2), A. Burger (a2), X. J. Bao (a3), T. E. Sch-Lesinger (a4), G. S. Bench (a5) and D. W. Heikkinen (a5)...


Significant developments have occurred in the technology of room-temperature PbI2 nuclear sensors which lead to some improvements in the detection of high energy gamma-rays. Discussion of crystal growth, purification, monitoring purification, and detector processing are reviewed as they relate to device performance.



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