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Investigation Of Deep Energy Levels In II-VI Compounds

  • A. Castaldini (a1), A. Cavallini (a1), P. Fernandez (a2), B. Fraboni (a1) and J. Piqueras (a2)...


Deep levels in II-VI compounds have been investigated to understand their role in the compensation mechanism and their influence on the material electrical and optical properties. The electrical properties have been studied by current and capacitance transient spectroscopy, while the optical properties have been studied by cathodoluminescence. We have focused our attention on the traps involved in the compensation process, such as centre A and the deep levels located near midgap.



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Investigation Of Deep Energy Levels In II-VI Compounds

  • A. Castaldini (a1), A. Cavallini (a1), P. Fernandez (a2), B. Fraboni (a1) and J. Piqueras (a2)...


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