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Investigation of Amorphous IGZO TFT Employing Ti/Cu Source/Drain and SiNx Passivation

  • Young Wook Lee (a1), Sung-Hwan Choi (a1), Jeong-Soo Lee (a1), Jang-Yeon Kwon (a2) and Min-Koo Han (a1)...


We successfully fabricated a-IGZO TFTs employing a Ti/Cu source/drain (S/D) and SiNx passivation in order to reduce the line-resistance, as compared to most oxide TFTs that use Mo (or TCO) and SiO2 for their S/D and passivation, respectively. Although passivated with SiNx, the TFT exhibits good transfer characteristics without a negative shift. However, the TFT employing a Mo S/D exhibited conductor-like characteristics when passivated with SiNx. Our investigation suggests that the IGZO oxygen vacancies found in the Ti/Cu S/D are controlled, resulting in low concentrations, and so prevent the SiNx-passivated TFT from having a negative shift.



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Investigation of Amorphous IGZO TFT Employing Ti/Cu Source/Drain and SiNx Passivation

  • Young Wook Lee (a1), Sung-Hwan Choi (a1), Jeong-Soo Lee (a1), Jang-Yeon Kwon (a2) and Min-Koo Han (a1)...


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