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Intraband Absorption in Ge/Si Self-Assembled Quantum Dots

  • P. Boucaud (a1), V. Le Thanh (a2), S. Sauvage (a2), T. Brunhes (a2), F. Fortuna (a3), D. Debarre (a2) and D. Bouchier (a2)...


Mid-infrared intraband absorption in Ge/Si self-assembled quantum dots is reported. The self-assembled quantum dots are grown by ultra-high-vacuum chemical vapor deposition. The intraband absorption is observed using a photoinduced absorption technique. The mid-infrared absorption, which is in-plane polarized, is maximum around 300 meV. The absorption is attributed to a quantum dot hole transition between bound and continuum states. The absorption cross section is deduced from the saturation of the photoinduced intraband absorption. An inplane absorption cross section as large as 2 × 10−13 cm2 is measured for one dot plane.



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