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Interference Effects In X-Ray Specular Reflectivity from Thin Films

  • S. Lagomarsino (a1), S. Di Fonzo (a2), W. Jark (a2), B. Muller (a2), A. Cedola (a1) and G. Pelka (a3)...


A strong resonance effect in the specular reflectivity of a C layer deposited on a Ni surface has been measured. The e.m. field intensity distribution has been monitored by measuring the fluorescence intensity of an ultra-thin Ti layer placed in the C film. The reflected intensity and the fluorescence yield of Ti and Ar (this last trapped in the film because of the deposition by sputtering) have been measured in different samples with a different location of the Ti layer. The results show that with this method a nondestructive, accurate determination of the Ti position can be achieved with a relative accuracy of 10−2



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[1] Parratt, L.G., Phys. Rev. 95, 359 (1954)
[2] Bedzyk, M.J., Bommarito, G.M. and Schildkraut, J.S., Phys. Rev. Lett., 62, 1376 (1989)
[3] Boer, D.K.G. de, Phys. Rev., 44, 498 (1991)
[4] Wang, J., Bedzyk, M.J. and Caffrey, M., Science, 258,775 (1992)


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