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Interfacing Ag Nanoparticles with 1D Semiconductor Micro/Nanostructures via Joule Heating for Transfer Printing Nanodevices at Room Ambient

  • VJ Logeeswaran (a1), Aaron M. Katzenmeyer (a2), Mark Triplett (a1) (a3), Matthew Ombaba (a1) and M. Saif Islam (a1)...


We describe an experiment to interface and characterize silver nanoparticle (AgNPs) aggregates that are self-assembled and plastically deformable on a thin gold (Au) film deposited on glass substrate. The electrical characterization is done using an electrical nanoprobe attached to a nano-manipulator inside a scanning electron microscope (SEM). Electrical current-voltage (I-V) measurements are made between the electrical nanoprobe in contact with the nanoparticle and the Au film. The Ag nanoparticles have diameters ranging between ~200-800nm and are self-assembled on a thiolated 100nm Au film. Application of a contact force via the nanoprobe even after substantial particle deformation reveals initially a small non-linear current. Upon current annealing through Joule heating, significant improvement in the electrical contact at the AgNP/substrate interface was observed. This is most likely based on bonding of the AgNPs to the Au film after passage of a high current. The need for such an annealing/sintering step will be critical in forming good ohmic contacts at ambient conditions during transfer printing of semiconductor micro/nanopillars.



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