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Interfacial Reactions Between Thin Films of Co and InP (100)

  • M. Ben-Tzur (a1), K. M. Yu (a2) and E. E. Haller (a2)


The interfacial reactions between thin films of Co and single crystal InP have been studied. The reaction between the Co and the InP substrate already start in the as-deposited state to form In and P rich compounds. During annealing at 250°C for 30 min., phase separation takes place. In addition to unreacted Co, we find Co rich compounds, a Co-P compound in contact with the substrate, and Co-In compound in contact with the metal layer. The general morphology appears to be stable up to 500°C. At higher temperatures (500–600°C) P is released from the substrate. CoP4, Co2P, CoIn2 and In were detected by X-ray diffraction. At this stage the reaction is no longer uniform.



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Interfacial Reactions Between Thin Films of Co and InP (100)

  • M. Ben-Tzur (a1), K. M. Yu (a2) and E. E. Haller (a2)


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