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Interfacial Aspects of Reinforcement of Wood by Mineral Fibers

  • R.V. Subramanian (a1) and J.M. Park (a1)


Significant aspects of fiber reinforcement of wood are introduced. The effectiveness of three different silane coupling agents; one monomeric 3-aminopropyltrimethoxy silane, two polymeric aminosilanes (one dimethoxy- and another trimethoxy substituted), was compared by measurement of interfacial shear strength in silane treated single filament composite (SFC) specimens, under dry and wet conditions. The trimethoxypolymeric silane was found to be inferior to the other two, which warrant further investigation in strength tests with basalt fiber reinforced wood specimens. Acoustic emission measurement during the SFC tests has provided evidence for the sizing effect of polymeric silane coatings, as well as for moisture attack at severe surface flaws on the fiber during silane treatment.



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Interfacial Aspects of Reinforcement of Wood by Mineral Fibers

  • R.V. Subramanian (a1) and J.M. Park (a1)


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