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Interface Controlled Amorphization of Crystalline Ni/Ti Multilayers

  • Alan F. Jankowski (a1), Jeffrey P. Hayes (a1) and Philip B. Ramsey (a1)


Solid-State Amorphization (SSA) of crystalline interfaces is observed in the Ni/Ti multilayer system. The amorphization reaction nucleates at location(s) of crystallographic disorder, i.e. the multilayer interfaces. Microstructural analyses reveal the sputter-deposited growth structure to be epitaxial with semi-coherent interfaces. Strain energy originating from interface lattice distortions varies as a function of the multilayer repeat spacing. Therefore, the interfacial energy effects the onset conditions for SSA. Differential thermal analysis is used to measure the critical temperature Tc, to the nucleation of the SSA, which is found to vary with the Ni/Ti multilayer pair spacing.



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