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Interdiffused SbN-based Quantum Well on GaAs for 1300-1550 nm Diode Lasers

  • Ronald A. Arif (a1) and Nelson Tansu (a2)


A new method to realize InGaAsSbN quantum well (QW) structures on GaAs substrate is presented. This approach combines the established growth technique of InGaAsN and InGaAsSb QWs by metal organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD), with a post-growth thermal interdiffusion to achieve high quality interdiffused InGaAsSbN QW for diode lasers emitting at 1300-1550-nm. In addition to presenting the optimized interdiffused SbN-based QW design at 1550-nm, strain-compensated interdiffused InGaAsSb-GaAsN QW structure is also presented. Preliminary experimental findings of N- and Sb-diffusivities in GaAs matrix show good agreement with theory, indicating the feasibility of realizing interdiffused InGaAsSbN QW.



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Interdiffused SbN-based Quantum Well on GaAs for 1300-1550 nm Diode Lasers

  • Ronald A. Arif (a1) and Nelson Tansu (a2)


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