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Inter-chain Interaction of Metallic 1D-chain in PrBa2Cu4O8

  • Shigeru Horii (a1), H. Takagi (a2), H. Ikuta (a3), U. Mizutani (a4), Y. Yamada (a5), I. Hirabayashi (a6), J. Shimoyama (a1) and K. Kishio (a1)...


The a- and b-axis resistivities and the a-axis magnetoresistivities applying magnetic field (B) along all three crystallographic axes in non-superconductive PrBa2Cu4O8 single crystals have been measured using four-probe method. Resistivitiy along the b-axis (parallel to double-chains) showed a highly conductive behavior, of which the origin is attributed to the double-chains because of a large anisotropic conduction between a- and b-axis directions. However, a metallic behavior along the a-axis was also observed in temperature region below 130 K, which could be understood in terms of presence of finite and coherent inter-chain interaction along the a-axis direction. This conclusion is derived from good agreement with values of mean-free path length in the double chain, l chain estimated from both the ρ b -T curve and the a-axis MR applying B//c using quasi-one-dimensional (quasi-1D) band model.



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