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Integrative Chemistry toward Biosourced SiC Macrocellular Foams Bearing Unprecented Heat Transport Properties

  • Simona Ungureanu (a1) (a2), Marc Birot (a2), Gérard Vignoles (a3), Christophe Lorette (a4), Gilles Sigaud (a1), Hervé Deleuze (a2) and Rénal Backov (a1)...


Black liquor is a by-product of the paper mill Kraft process that deserves more valorization than its present use as low-grade fuel. In this work, SiC/C composite foams were prepared for the first time from concentrated emulsions by carbothermal reduction of bio-sourced precursors combining sodium silicate by lignin at 1400°C. The composition of the materials was determined by XRD, FTIR and Raman analyses. Their porous structure was characterized by SEM, mercury intrusion porosimetry, and nitrogen sorption, while their thermal properties were measured by TGA and dynamic DSC. Concerning their heat transport properties, we found out that when the starting lignin content was increased, the final C/Si ratio, the specific surface area and the heat diffusivity increased as well. Its high values were attributed to a cooperative effect between radiative heat transfer and the presence of partially graphitized carbon.



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