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Integration Of Carbon Nanotubes Into Device Structures

  • B. Lägel (a1), J. D. Schumacher (a1), N. Nguyen (a1), B. Zivanovic (a1) and R. Schlaf (a1)...


Carbon nanotubes have shown promising properties for applications in electronic circuits and other device structures. Several device structures have been demonstrated in recent years by manual manipulation of single nanotubes. The integration of large numbers of nanotubes on wafer size substrates, however, has been a challenge.

Our approach addressing this issue utilizes nano-patterning methods in combination with plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition to directly assemble carbon nanotubes on wafer structures. A secondary formation step is used to actually form device structures connecting the nanotubes to electrode structures. We present first results demonstrating the feasibility of our approach. Electrode structures were prepared using multi-step electron beam lithography processes. Carbon nanotubes were grown in pre-defined locations, and contact formation procedures were carried out to establish multi-terminal contact structures.


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Integration Of Carbon Nanotubes Into Device Structures

  • B. Lägel (a1), J. D. Schumacher (a1), N. Nguyen (a1), B. Zivanovic (a1) and R. Schlaf (a1)...


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