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Integrating Biomaterials into Microsystems: Formation and Characterization of Nanostructured Titania

  • Zuruzi Abu Samah (a1), Blaine C. Butler (a2), Emily R. Parker (a1), Ayesha Ahmed (a2), Heather M. Evans (a2), Cyrus R. Safinya (a2) and Noel C. MacDonald (a1)...


We demonstrate the facile fabrication of crack-free nanostructured crystalline titania into microsystems. Titania layers were formed by reacting Ti thin films, deposited by evaporation and sputtering, with aqueous H202. Cracks were observed in titania layers formed on blanket Ti films but absent on arrays of patterned Ti pads below a threshold dimension. Nanostructured titania formed from sputtered and evaporated Ti films consists of aligned fibrous and sponge-like nanoporous morphologies, respectively. Rat fibroblasts L-cells cultured on these titania fibers remain viable up to 3 days. These observations demonstrate the feasibility of this technique to integrate nanostructured titania into Nano|Micro-Electromechanical systems (N|MEMS) devices.



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