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Integrated CVD-PVD Al Plug Process for Sub-Quarter Micron Devices: Effects of Underlayer on the Via Filling and the Microstructure of the Al Film

  • Won-Jun Lee (a1), Jung Joo Kim (a1), Jun Ki Kim (a1), Jin Won Park (a1), Hyug Jin Kwon (a1), Heung Lak Park (a1) and Sa-Kyun Rha (a2)...


The integrated CVD-PVD Al plug process was successfully applied to a sub-quarter micron device for the simultaneous formation of plugs and wires. The effects of the underlayer on the via filling and the microstructure of the CVD-PVD Al films were investigated. Three types of underlayers were examined in this work: the Ti film deposited by the ionized PVD (I-PVD) method, the MOCVD TiN film stacked on the I-PVD Ti film, and the PVD Al film deposited on the I-PVD Ti film. Excellent via filling was achieved by employing the MOCVD TiN/I-PVD Ti or the PVD Al/I-PVD Ti as an underlayer. When only I-PVD Ti film was used as an underlayer, complete via filling was not obtained, because the CVD Al film sealed the top of vias. The CVD-PVD Al film deposited on the PVD Al/I-PVD Ti underlayer also showed excellent crystallographic texture of Al <111> and surface morphology, which is superior to those of the CVD-PVD Al film deposited on the MOCVD TiN/I-PVD Ti underlayer.



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