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In-situDeposition of Superconducting MgB2 Films

  • N. Stelmashenko (a1), K. A. Yates (a1), V. N. Tsaneva (a1), M. Kambara (a1), D. A. Cardwell (a1) and M. G. Blamire (a1)...


The discovery of superconductivity in MgB2 has been followed by many papers reporting attractive thin film properties. In most cases these have involved the deposition of precursor films followed by in-situ or ex-situ post annealing in a Mg-rich atmosphere. Although simple device structures have been fabricated from such films, it is desirable for a number of reasons that a heterostructure device technology be developed. Heterostructure growth is likely to require in-situ growth, preferably without post-annealing. To achieve this, low oxygen and high Mg background pressures are required in the vicinity of the sample. By using a novel heater geometry we have been able to grow superconducting MgB2 films from Mg-rich targets at temperatures below 500 °C. This paper reports the growth method, and structural and electrical characterization of the films.



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