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In-Situ Mass Spectroscopy of ECR Silane Plasmas for Amorphous and Microcrystalline Silicon Growth

  • Young J. Song (a1), Elena Guliants (a1), Hak-Gyu Lee (a1) and Wayne A. Anderson (a1)


ECR silane plasmas for the deposition of a-Si:H and μc-Si films were investigated by in-situ mass spectroscopy (MS) using a quadrupole residual gas analyzer. The results showed that the intensities of ionic and neutral species (H, H2, He, Ar, Si and SiHx) in the 2 % SiH4/He plasma are strongly dependent on the deposition conditions such as chamber pressure, input power and hydrogen dilution. In all cases, the prevalence of Si ions was observed over SiH, SiH2 and SiH3 ions, suggesting a high decomposition rate of the silane in the plasma. In particular, the population of atomic hydrogen in the plasma seems to play a key role in the properties of both a-Si:H and μc-Si films. For example, the increased intensity of atomic hydrogen, compared to that of molecular hydrogen, resulted in the better quality a-Si:H film, showing a higher photo and dark conductivity ratio of ~105. The intensity of the hydrogen species was especially sensitive to the chamber pressure. The correlation between MS spectra and film properties is presented.



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