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In-Situ Investigation of Surface Stoichiometry During InGaN and GaN Growth by Plasma-Assisted Molecular Beam Epitaxy Using RHEED-TRAXS

  • Randy Preston Tompkins (a1), Brenda L. VanMil (a2), Kyoungnae Lee (a3), Eric D. Schires (a4), Yewhee Chye (a5), David Lederman (a6) and Thomas H. Myers (a7)...


Reflection high-energy electron diffraction total-reflection-angle x-ray spectroscopy (RHEED-TRAXS) uses high-energy electrons from RHEED to excite x-ray fluorescence. Monitoring characteristic x-rays of selected elements thus allows study of surface coverage of materials. In this study, surface coverage of Ga and In during growth of GaN and InGaN was probed using this technique. Evolution of the surface layer of Ga on GaN during growth and deposition of Ga on static GaN at room temperature were studied. RHEED-TRAXS measurements were performed during growth of InGaN by measuring the ratio of the In Lα to Ga Kα intensity. A significant surface coverage of In was observed at all temperatures investigated regardless of actual In incorporation.



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