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In-Situ Heavy as Doping in Si Selective Epitaxial Growth

  • Y. Ohshita (a1) and H. Kitajima (a2)


Role of in-situ heavy As doping in Si selective growth is studied using the SiH2Cl2/H2/HCl/AsH3 gas system. By increasing AsH3 flow rate, the growth rate decreases in proportion to In (AsH3 flow rate). This result is explained well using a Frumkin-Temkin adsorption model. The As concentrations in grown films depend on surface orientation. Moreover, the maximum As concentration is about ten times lower than the solubility limit at a given temperature. These results are able to be explained qualitatively, if equilibrium concentrations of impurities at the Si(100), the Si(111), and the bulk are assumed to be different from one another, and that the concentration at the surface is frozen in the grown film.



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