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In-situ GISAXS on Nanocomposite Films of CdS Nanoparticles and Polymers

  • Tiziana Di Luccio (a1), Dina Carbone (a2), Anna Maria Laera (a3), Katrin Peeper (a4), Christian Mauser (a5) and Enrico Da Como (a6)...


We investigated the growth of CdS nanoparticles in polymer films by means of ex-situ and in-situ x-ray scattering experiments using synchrotron radiation. The CdS nanoparticles were synthesized by thermal decomposition of a Cd thiolate precursor dispersed in a cyclic olefin copolymer. The films were deposited by spin coating. Grazing incidence diffraction (GID) reveals the Bragg reflections of the CdS nanoparticles. In-situ diffraction and grazing incidence small angle scattering (GISAXS) experiments were recorded during the thermal treatment of the precursor/polymer films from room temperature up to 250°C. The diffraction curves show that the initial precursor structure is soon lost at 100°C. Correspondingly, the GISAXS data show a peak at a momentum transfer value q ∼ 0.2Å−1 that shifts towards smaller values with the temperature. Under UV excitation the films show photoluminescence in the range 400 – 700 nm.



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