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In-Situ Dual-Wavelength Ellipsometry and Light Scattering Monitoring of Si/Si1−xGex Heterostructures and Multiuantum Wells

  • C. Pickering (a1), D.A.O. Hope (a1), W.Y. Leong (a1), D.J. Robbins (a1) and R. Greef (a2)...


In-situ dual-wavelength ellipsometry and laser light scattering have been used to monitor growth of Si/Si1−x,Gex heterojunction bipolar transistor and multi-quantum well (MQW) structures. The growth rate of B-doped Si0 8Ge0.2 has been shown to be linear, but that of As-doped Si is non-linear, decreasing with time. Refractive index data have been obtained at the growth temperature for x = 0.15, 0.20, 0.25. Interface regions ∼ 6-20Å thickness have been detected at hetero-interfaces and during interrupted alloy growth. Period-to-period repeatability of MQW structures has been shown to be ±lML.



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