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In-Situ DLTs Measurement of Metastable Coupling between Proton-Induced Defects and Impurities in n-Si

  • K. Kono (a1), N. Kishimoto (a1) and H. Amekura (a1)


Deep centers related to proton-induced defects and impurities in n-Si were investigated using an in-situ DLTS system. The measurement system was installed in the beamline of NRIM cyclotron. Floating zone (FZ) or Czochralski (CZ) Si was irradiated at a flux of about 30 nA/cm2. The total dose was varied between 1.0 ∼ 7.2 × 1013 ions/cm2. Samples were irradiated at 200 K or 300 K. Their defect concentrations were determined by in-situ DLTS. Quantitative relationship between oxygen and phosphorus concentration and defect creation rates were presented. Isothermal annealing at 250 K was conducted for a CZ-Si sample and the resuflt indicated the meta-stable nature of the carbon defect complex.



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