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In-Situ and High-Resolution Tem Observation of Interfacial Reactions in Metal-Silicon Multilayers

  • Karen Holloway (a1), Khiem BA Do (a1) and Robert Sinclair (a1)


Titanium-silicon and molybdenum-silicon multilayers have been investigated in cross-section using a high resolution TEM with a point-to-point resolution of .22 nm. This resolution has allowed us to confirm the amorphous nature both of the intermixed layers which form at the metal-silicon interfaces on sputter deposition, and of the Ti-Si reaction product which forms at temperatures below which crystalline silicides nucleate.

The bulk studies are complemented by in-situ annealing experiments in the high-resolution microscope. Phase reactions in the multilayers can be followed in real time, allowing direct observation of the formation of the amorphous alloy, the appearance of rows of Kirkendall voids, and the crystallization and growth of silicide phases.



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