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In-Plane Texturing of Buffer Layers by Alternating Beam Assisted Deposition: Large Area and Small Area Applications

  • Alexander Usoskin (a1) and Lutz Kirchhoff (a2)


In standard ion beam assisted deposition (IBAD), the growing film is exposed to inclined ion etching in order to achieve a preferable in-plane orientation of the crystalline structure. Recently, we suggested exposing the film periodically to deposition pulses and to etching pulses, i.e. to assisted beam pulses. As a long sequence of alternations of these two pulses is needed, we named this method “alternating beam assisted deposition” (ABAD). In real application, the substrates exposed to the molecular/atomic flow originating from the sputter source acquire a few nanometer thick layer of yttria-stabilized zirconia (YSZ). In the next step, this layer undergoes ion etching with an Ar ion beam emitted from the source with a particle energy between 200 and 300 eV. Simultaneously with ion-beam exposition, an additional electron beam provides neutralizing of the electrical change in the substrate plane. The ion beam guided 55° at a 55° angle of incidence provides selective etching of the YSZ layer, leading finally after numerous deposition-etching cycles to a sufficiently high quality of in-plane texture in the YSZ layer with the best FWHM values of 8°-9°.



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